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Our formula is the finest, most long-lasting, smudge-proof/waterproof eye pencil that we’ve found anywhere in the world!

It has a creamy, tug-proof texture that is ‘idiot’ proof to apply!!

Available in a  MATTE or PEARL (shimmer) finish.

       Tip! : We apply it on the top ½ of the UPPER eyelid (see video) from the
                 outside inwards, then blend with the sponge tip!! It sets up in about
                 60 seconds and lasts until you remove it!!

       Tip! : We also use either the BARDOT or LIDO pencil to line the top
                 membrane--you can bring either of them into the lower membrane
                 or use LORELEI, BLUEBONNET, or SIREN in the lower

This is fool-proof-- It must be removed with a make-up remover for Waterproof mascara/pencil (We have a great one available called "IN AN INSTANT").

Why everyone doesn’t do pencils like these, we don’t know…All we know is, once you use one, you’ll NEVER go back to lining with anything else!! , PERFECT for girls who could never get the smokey eye right!!  Once you ‘smoke’ this liner, it’s solid!!  NO blurred, smeared eyes at midnight!

Literally tested in the pool and sauna!

CAUTION:  (These pencils are NOT retractable, and you MUST keep the pencil lids on after use, or they will dry out and be ruined!!)
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Our Price: $22.00

The BEST and most intense BLACK pencil in the world! Definitely not a soft black--but can be blended and smoked out using the smudge tip!
We sell thousands of this color alone in our store every year!!  As essential as the ‘little black dress’…

Used especially to line the inner-membrane (see video), it makes your eye-white ‘whiter’ & instantly clarifies, defines and lifts your eye shape and color!!  The older you get, the MORE important this technique is!!   Of course, for you Glamour Girls, the ultimate power liner for around your eyes!!

Waterproof Matte
Our Price: $22.00

A beautiful LAVENDER/BLUE!!
Super along the lower-membrane to clarify pink or redness in the eye!
Also, pops blue eyes! Very Liz Taylor.  We like to blend this color with BARDOT or LORELEI in the lower lashbed/membrane.

Waterproof Matte
Our Price: $22.00

A pearlized soft taupy/brown. Suitable for girls who want a muted liner look…very elegant, but gives subtle definition.

Tip!: This color is GORGEOUS for that "smudgy" lower lashbed...but in a controlled way. Line the membrane of the eye with BARDOT, and apply bombshell underneath. Use the sponge tip on the eyeliner or #27 Sculpture Brush to blur the two together--for the "didn't-take-my-makeup-off-last-night rock-star" vibe.

Waterproof Pearl.
Our Price: $22.00

A deep pearlized olive that is absolutely fabulous for girls who don’t want the hardness of black.
Matches the eyelash root color of most girls beautifully so it visually thickens the lash base without looking like heavy liner!

Waterproof Pearl.
Our Price: $22.00

An amazing sheer BRONZE tone that looks perfect in the lower lash bed for girls with MEDIUM to BRONZE skin tone
A subtle warm bronzey smokiness, but NO line!

Also, fabulous OVERLAID on TOP of ‘BARDOT’ to soften it and give it a bronzey-black glow!!  (suitable for all skin tones)
Another trick:  On TAN or WARM LATIN skin tones, use it in LOWER MEMBRANE and INNER CORNER of eyes for subtle skin glow!!

Waterproof Pearl
Our Price: $22.00

Our second most popular color, next to BARDOT! So versatile!

Best used as an alternative to ‘BARDOT’ in the mebrane of the eye (see video), this amazing DEEP PEACOCK BLUE makes any eye color sing!

TRICK:  Try LAYERING it on the LOWER MEMBRANE over the ‘BARDOT’, then smudging the hard edge softly with sponge-tip or using ‘LORELEI’ in the lower lash bed adjoining it. This gets you a total Catherine Zeta Jones moment!

Waterproof Pearl.
Our Price: $22.00

Next to BARDOT and LIDO--this is our best-selling eyeliner pencil!
We call it "forgiveness in a pencil". No matter what color you use to line your eyes, this delicate pearlized gold tone will soften badly drawn edges--saving you time from constantly having to "correct" your work.

This pencil is our secret weapon to smokey eyes! (See video below). It also looks lovely in the bottom membrane of the eye for a barely-there look that minimizes the natural pink-ness in the lower membrane to keep you looking fresh and awake!

Waterproof Pearl.
Our Price: $22.00

A creamy dark chocolate brown.
Amazing when paired with LORELEI or BOMBSHELL eyeliner pencils!

Tip!: It's best not to use this on the membrane of the eye…it brings the red veins out in the eye-whites (BARDOT, LIDO, SIREN, BLUEBONNET, AND LORELEI are better suited for the job!)

Tip!: This color is beautiful used to line the outer corner of the eye (see video below). Provides gorgeous contrast without the severity of black.

Waterproof Matte
Our Price: $22.00

Our newest color…a fabulous and unique pearlized mermaid mossy green!

Just beautiful alone or paired with BARDOT or LIDO…also, beautiful inside the lower membrane!
It doesn't provide enough contrast to make an impact in the upper membrane---if trying this on the lower membrane, try pairing with LIDO in the upper membrane! STUNNING on all colors of eyes, but especially blue or green eyes!

Waterproof Pearl.
Our Price: $22.00

A pearlized BLACK/PLUM!!
Not TOO plummy to make eyes look bruised…the PERFECT balance of fabulous, sexy and POWERFUL,
most especially when paired with ‘BARDOT’/black!!

TRICK:  Amazing at night with MADAME ‘X’ EYESHADOW on your lid (damp) or in the outer corner!!

Waterproof Pearl