Facade Beauty
Just take it and LOVE it!

Corinne Williams founded Façade Beauty in 2006 with the single intent of developing a line of makeup for Southern girls with major staying power!! 

The climate and lifestyle of girls living in the Southern half of the United States, from Los Angeles to Miami, is quite unique. Typically, the heat and humidity, especially in Texas and the Southeast, is over-the-top and NO makeup can withstand it. Also, our lifestyle is more ‘outdoor’ based and makeup needs to look natural in sunlight… 

Our makeup line, born in Houston, Texas, has been tested and worn by thousands of our clients in our boutique, Façade, since 2006! Our waterproof foundations and non-smearing eyeliners will absolutely pass the humidity test! But, most beautifully, all the products bond and blend perfectly with each other to look polished and natural indoors or out in the bright sunlight!

One of Corinne’s favorite sayings is: “There is a fine line between WOW… and WHOA….!
Well, we do “WOW” at Façade Beauty!!