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This concealer comes in 2 colors, and is contained in a small .05oz swing-out container to keep it fresh!

It is incredibly easy to use, and requires minimal blending!  The formula is sheer & silky, but covers beautifully! NO creasing or sinking into the skin!

Excellent after plastic surgery or for mature/crepe-y eyes.
Contains TITANIUM DIOXIDE for a natural sun-block!

    Tip! : Apply using our #1 Corner Concealer brush. PAINT it directly on the
              discoloration that needs covering, and then PAT using a clean finger
              OR our #3 Concealer brush to blend!

Lightly dust with powder for extra staying power!
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Invisible Touch Concealer #1
# 1 -  A soft nude pale Beige concealer suitable for pale to medium skin tones.
Never leaves that ‘white’ look under your eyes…pulls all the RED out (small veins, etc…)

nude beige, pale-medium skin tones.
Invisible Touch Concealer #2
No. 2 -  A nude, Bisque concealer suitable for OLIVE or more tanned skins. NO "reverse-raccoon" look under the eye EVER, and softens the dark, sometimes-pinky, tired circle under the eye that many olive-skinned girls have.

warm nude,  olive skin tones